Peloi Quality Riflescopes


Peloi is dedicated to bringing you the highest standards in quality and craftsmanship.

Only the highest quality materials are used and each scope is individually tested to ensure it meets our promise of excellence.

All our scopes are crafted from high quality machined military specification alloy tube and finished in a resilient matt finish ensuring strength and resistance to the elements.

Our Schott modeled optics incorporate the latest technology in lens design and coating (optimising) to provide high light transmission ensuring optimised performance under the most challenging conditions.

Robust modular design of the reticle housing guarantee  high resistance to recoil shock and the adjustable illumination system provide high target definition in the most challenging conditions.

Peloi riflescopes utilise an intricate system of seals to ensure each scope is fully waterproof and the  purged nitrogen charging ensures fogproof performance under the worst conditions mother nature can deliver.

Peloi only sell riflescopes direct to hunters and target shooters.
Peloi riflescopes are not available from shops. This is why the finest riflescopes from Peloi can be offered at very attractive prices

(Lens protector, mounts and spare battery come as standard)

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